CANOPACK provides an end-to-end solution, i.e. a machine to apply oven steam and material, ensuring at all times the success of the sleeving process and guaranteeing utmost quality in the end product.

It integrates Cavas Vallformosa’s entire new line, contributing all its experience in the sleeving sector to apply various formats, including magnum.


This new cava production line, for which Canopack has teamed up with Scaligera, applies all types of formats at a speed of 6,000 x H. This achieves a spectacular retraction quality due to the new concept of oven provided by Scaligera, which is able to precisely direct the steam and thus achieve optimal retraction, thereby reducing the use of water and electricity throughout the process.





Our Clients:

Artiach Lacasa Grupo Nutrexpa ken Gullón Bicentury Grup Alimentari Guissona Persan Henkel Heinz Vallformosa