Various baking systems, thermal cycle ovens, electric ovens and multiple burner gas ovens, as well as combined lines for biscuits and multifunctional machines, deliver flexible production for all types of hard and soft biscuits, crackers, cocktail biscuits, savoury bars, Swiss rolls, and multi-layered sponge cakes.


Flat and hollow wafers filled with cream are produced on automatic production lines. According to the desired capacity, our automatic ovens are fitted with 12 to 176 pairs of cooking plates. The application of cream spreading machines, coolers and slicers, as well as dough and cream mixers, ensures hygienic and continuous production.


Muffins, Swiss rolls and all kind of aerated sponge doughs are a popular alternative to traditional biscuit-based products. The production of light and fluffy dough plays an important role in the manufacturing of these products, so therefore the combination of biscuit production technology and aeration.

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Based on our extensive experience over several decades and in the use of the very latest technologies, we develop tailor-made solutions at our research and development centres so that your specific products can be manufactured with the utmost quality. These include cereal and granola bars with different agglutinating agents such as sugar or caramel, or bars containing walnuts, raisins, rice, chocolate chips or similar products.

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