The project was vitally important for our client, with Canopack working closely alongside them until adopting the best technical solution and layout of the line. In short, an example of great teamwork.

Canopack provided all the support required to make the overall project a success. This service of tracking, technology search and customer advice is also part of the range of services that we offer at Canopack today.

Besides the integration and transports of all the lines, a sleever with steam retraction stove was also integrated to give a different type of presentation to the end product, aside from traditional labels.

A state-of-the-art, fully electronic pallet wrapping machine from our Bema was also installed at the end of the line in order to automatically wrap both wine and cava products and ensure traceability, delivering an extremely robust and secure wrapped pallet for transporting these highly-appreciated goods.

An automatic bottle cage feeding system has been installed to link the cava zone to the packaging zone, where the bottles will be treated for their final processing.

What’s more, a lift of more than 7 m in height takes the full cages to the packaging zone, while the empty cages are returned to the cava zone. This means that there is always a core of full cages and never a shortage of bottles for production, which are lifted automatically according to the request of the line.

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Our Clients:

Artiach Lacasa Grupo Nutrexpa ken Gullón Bicentury Grup Alimentari Guissona Persan Henkel Heinz Vallformosa