With the integration of the complete personal hygiene line, Quimi Romar will this summer acquire a fully automated line with a production capacity of 6,000 containers per hour. The company’s intention is to produce different formats to increase its packaging output for higher volume products, which is why it teamed up with Canopack. Six initial formats have been defined for the line, leaving the door open to other formats in the future.

The keys to the success of this project are the layout of the line (operating with as few staff as possible), its efficiency with the applied technology, and mentoring, advice and definition of client needs, which once addressed were used to reach the best technical solution and, therefore, meet the needs of our client.

The line starts by feeding and conveying the already moulded containers from the storage area to the buffer tank, followed by the orientation and placement of the containers on the conveyor belt under vacuum, passing to a filling and capping monoblock using net weight technology, which in addition to the different packaging formats can use various types of pressure cap, which previously were screw tops, ending at the multi-format dosing pump.

After its accumulation and automation with accumulation control system, and in order to modulate the speed and oversee the efficiency of the line, the product will be labelled as per format and then placed in a cardboard box using a compact box formation system, packer and hot melt sealer.

Once boxed, the product will be taken to a centralised robot-controlled palletisation cell so that it can simultaneously palletise the product of the new line, also adding in the products of two existing lines. The products will be identified and then traced to the final pallet labelling zone.

The palletisation cell will dispatch all the palletised products through the centralised cell, which will identify the product and apply the appropriate wrapping program for it. After wrapping and labelling, the pallets will be automatically transferred to the shipping area.

Our Clients:

Artiach Lacasa Grupo Nutrexpa ken Gullón Bicentury Grup Alimentari Guissona Persan Henkel Heinz Vallformosa