Micro-filler for oils

We make it easy for small-scale producers to bottle their own oil.

At Canopack, we’re specialists in the design and start-up of oil production lines. In response to the demand generated by the new regulatory framework, we have now developed a particularly suitable concept for small-scale producers.

With our oil filling micro-stations, we make it easier for independent producers to package oil on a small scale.


This addresses the new requirements imposed on the use of oil in the restaurant industry:

  • Oil dispensers must be sealed.
  • Once open, they cannot be resealed or refilled.
  • They have to be labelled to inform consumers about the characteristics of the oil.

This means that we turn a regulatory headache into a business opportunity for small-scale producers.


The Canopack oil filling micro-station


Our micro-station features:

  • • Automatic twin-dispenser monobloc filling system for oil, suitable for formats between 200 ml and 5 l.
  • Automatic capping.
  • Automatic feeding of caps with vibrator.
  • Self-adhesive labelling machine.
  • Operating manuals.
  • Maintenance manuals.
  • Transport and installation.

Production specifications:

  • 200 ml to 1-litre formats; up to 450 bottles/hour
  • 5-litre format; up to 200 bottles/hour
  • Price €77,000


Contact us and find out how to create added value for your oil production

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