to produce cereal and fruit bars in the simplest way possible.


The cereal mixture is continuously mixed with the binder in the dough preparation unit. After mixing, the dough is delivered to the transport belt, moulded into a continuous cereal slab by two calibrating rollers and then sliced to the desired product width. The length of the bar is determined by the width of the calibrating rollers. It is very simple to swap over these rollers, so the length of the bar can range from 60 to 120 mm. Additional items can also be purchased, such as binder stoves or end-of-line machines such as Flowpack.

From a quick and straightforward production of the binder, with automated mixing and dosing, this system moulds the cereal bar and guarantees a perfect cut, thereby delivering the desired type of bar.

Although it is a minimum length production line, SnackFix combines all the necessary elements for the production process of such bars. At the same time, the system stays variable due to its two stand-alone main components, which can be interchanged very simply and quickly.

As an entry-level model for cereal bar production, the SnackFix system offers a multitude of chances for successful products. It doesn’t matter if the client has its own product idea or it is a recipe suggested by Hosokawa Bepex, as ideas and creativity will lead the way.


Our Clients:

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